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Get your wardrobe ready for summer fun with stylish outfits and Just because you mentally check out when summer starts, that doesn’t mean you have to surrender your style.

Get ready for summer by updating your wardrobe with the latest summer fashion trends. Look for floral dresses in all lengths, from mini to maxi, as well as pleated walking shorts, denim boyfriend shorts and much more. When you head to the beach, put on a pair of colorful summer sandals, along with a sizzling bikini and a glamorous pair of shades. All it takes to look fabulous in the heat this season are a few fabulous fashion staples.

Summer fashion


We bring to you a collection of the hottest summer fashions including sandals, swimwear, sunglasses, dresses, skirts, shorts and other summer apparel. You’ll be dressed from head to toe in style with these summer fashion choices.

1. Summer sandals

Summer sandals come in all shapes and heights. Flat gladiator sandals are once again popular in shiny metallics. Also look for thong sandals embellished with crystals and jewels. And don’t miss out on the hottest high heel evening sandals for summer. Here you are sure to find a pair, or two,  of summer sandals that you adore

                                             Christian Louboutin Petal high heel sandal for summer fashion

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2.Summer swimwear

Time to head to the beach or pool and catch some rays. Check out this gorgeous swimwear, from itsy bitsy string bikinis to more conservative one-piece suits. Floral prints, geometric patterns and bright colors dominate swimwear trends this summer season.

            Trina Turk colorful summer one peice swimwear

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3.Summer sunglasses

Everyone needs a great pair of shades. Sunglasses add a touch of glamour to your look with little effort, cover up tired eyes the morning after you’ve had one too many cocktails, and most importantly they protect your eyes from the brutal summer sun. This season, classic aviators, round oversized sunglasses and modern shield sunglasses are extremely trendy.

Blue Square Sunglasses

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4.Summer apparel

Wherever you are headed this summer, you’ll want to look your best. We don’t care if you’re out to have the vacation of a lifetime or you just want to up your day-to-day style sense, every gal deserves some new wardrobe peices for the hottest season of the year. So slip into a sundress, some comfortable linen fabrics and bright, summery colors. You can wear a sundress for a casual day of shopping, to a summer party or on a special date. From ultra mini-dresses to the ever-popular maxi dress, you are sure to find one that fits your own personal style. In this gallery, we also have summer shorts, capri pants and other summer fashions to keep you looking beautiful all summer long.

    Theory pink linen shorts for summer fashion

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So enjoy with summer don’t be frustrate because of hot weather   🙂

Top and skirt, Alberta Ferretti; bracelet, Chan Luu, $190


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Hello everyone

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I have started writing it for all women because lots of people faces troubles of getting ready with appropriate clothing and accessories even my lots of friends goes through the same problem so I always gives suggestions to them…so its for you all too…. 

1. If your complexion is dark then always wear light color dresses. Because if the person has dark complexion and wears red color dress it will look goody goody, so try to wear decent n light color such as pink, light blue etc. And if your complexion is quite good then go with any dark color mostly with dark red, black, brown,dark blue etc…

2. If you are slim then try to wear tight clothes which will give you stunning and beautiful look and if you are little fat then wear somewhat loose cloths.

3. and always wear clothes according to occasions such as for parties you can wear party gowns or something rich class stuff, for hanging out then wear some funky casuals with appropriate jeans and accessories.

You will find some good collection of all fashionable stuff at the following given links which I always follow and love to purchase there  

As we all know everybody wants to know how to dress cute and look appropriate for whatever life brings, so if that’s you then keep reading.

Choose clothes that flatter you: they should fit, and be neat and clean with a crisp appearance. Ask an unbiased friend or a sales assistant if you’re not sure that an outfit suits you. find it on

Always have a few outfits prepared in advance. That way, you won’t have to spend lots of time rifling through your closet for certain events. which gives you perfect look you can wear corset as well it suits according to your complexion

                      Such a gorgeous party wear check out for the same at




Choose what you like. If you enjoy dressing preppy, a polo shirt or two are a must. Enjoy what you wear; clothing should be fun.Be daring and unique! If you like leopard print, try going for a leopard print headband. Try interesting combinations, like a cardigan with a skirt or baggy tank top with high waisted skinny jeans.but Don’t go over the top (for example, don’t wear all leopard print).


                                                 Available at


Go for variety. For example, if you like pink, try different shades, not just bubblegum pink; there’s dusty pink, baby pink, hot pink, etc.Buy more than one pair of jeans; a dressy pair, a casual pair, an ‘outdoors’ pair (especially  when camping), and an ‘at home’ pair. Jeans are lifesavers, especially on those days that you can’t find anything to wear. Try jeans with any top, a cute pair of shoes, maybe a belt, and off you go!


                                               Available at


Sometimes, it’s better to go for quality than quantity. Better to have one outfit with really great quality than two outfits which fall apart after a couple washings. Don’t pay heed to what people say is “stylish”. Just dress how you think you should dress, and create a style of your own.. If you wear an outfit that you consider dressy or extra stylish, fix your hair in a way that is as unique as the outfit itself.


                                                  Available at


Add a couple of accessories – for example, a watch, necklace, ribbon or belt.

                                                    Accessories are a great, cheap way to create a unique style.


I hope these tips are helpful to you enjoy with it 🙂